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Nokia have recently been pushing more and much more into the music telephone marketplace, a market that has for some time now been dominated by Sony Ericsson with their Walkman phone range. Nokia have certainly been making some headway, and 1 of their music devoted phones in this marketplace is the Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic. Everclear is made up of a new line up with founding member Art Alexakis (vocals/ guitar), Dave French (guitar/vocals), Freddy Herrera (bass guitar/vocals) and Sean Winchester (drums/vocals). Return to Santa Monica is a needed addition for any Everclear fan's assortment as well as any music enthusiast that likes a hint of pop with their rock. Visit this link for a free mp3 of the new consider on the band's breakout hit "Santa Monica" The CD is packaged in a deluxe digi pack and is accessible on iTunes, Amazon, and your preferred document shop. Here is how this band was completely ripping themselves off and the way they can completely turn this about to swiftly develop a bigger publication list - and subsequently a larger fanbase).